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Training EDGE is a premier learning and development organization offering the full spectrum of training solutions to all industry sectors – assessments, coaching, consulting, e-learning, tailored face-to-face seminars and speakers.

Through our engaging, relevant, learning solutions we help organizations develop a learning culture wherein they link learning and development of their staff to their business strategies.

We seek organizations who want initiatives that promote teamwork, leadership and a culture of continuous improvement. Our staff is passionate about providing the right tools, techniques and knowledge to help our clients be successful in the workplace.

Experienced Facilitators

Training EDGE is currently looking for experienced trainers.  All of our facilitators need to have an adult education degree or diploma as well as the appropriate educational designation for their area of expertise.

Our current facilitators are known for their passion for learning and development and exhibit this with their own on-going development.

Facilitators should own their own material and use a recognized methodology to design and deliver their content.  A familiarity with current eLearning, mobile learning, and social media are definite assets.

All facilitators who work with Training EDGE are contract trainers.  For more information contact please send us an email using the contact us page.