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Change Management Analysis


Recognizing how ready your organization is for change is critical.

Sometimes your people are ready and sometimes they’re not. Sometimes it doesn’t matter – because the team, department or organization has a mandate… and you need to know how quickly the change will be embraced.

At Training EDGE, we value the entire organization’s input into the change management process. We begin with a representative stakeholder analysis, followed by a comprehensive change readiness assessment of each identified stakeholder.

The analysis is the foundation of the change management plan.

Why people resist change:  

  • Selective attention and retention
  • Habit
  • Dependence
  • Fear of the unknown
Why organizations resist change: 

  • Threat to power and influence
  • The organizational structure itself isn’t set up for change
  • Resource limitations
  • Fixed investments not easily altered
  • Inter-organizational agreements/understandings