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With our multi-talented development team, we build all of your learning solutions in-house. It means you can feel confident knowing that a single team understands the goals of your project and collaborates to ensure your learning solutions are built according to plan. We have an array of technical tools that we can use to produce your materials including custom coding ability (HTML5, Corona, Javascript, jQuery, ColdFusion etc.), authoring tools (Lectora, Articulate), and video tools (AfterEffects, Premiere). Together, we:

  • Write meaningful scripts, site content, or materials for printed guides
  • Design, illustrate, and animate
  • Develop websites
  • Program software
  • Produce printed materials
  • Shoot and edit video
  • Test and finalize

But most important, we involve you every step of the way. And it’s all because of our seamless approach to Project Management.