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Effective Training Characteristics

What does effective training look like? Below are some characteristics of learning events that have an impact:

1. Research based and rooted in adult learning theory
2. Integrated into the organization’s goals and values
3. Includes a high level of new content
4. The learning has clear outcomes
5. Focuses on the real-world needs of the participants
6. Participants see the training as a means to strengthen their effectiveness
7. Involves collaborative problem solving
8. The material connects with participant experience
9. The participants feel they are part of a learning community
10. The participants understand that they are valued for their learning efforts
11. Involves shared learning where the participants can talk directly and meaningfully to one another
12. Structured so that participants have adequate time to assimilate the material and then apply it.
13. Participants have ongoing updates, support, and practice
14. Participants can see how the new learning has an impact on what they do

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