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Facilitating Content Flow

Although there are many ways to introduce content, a typical flow is as follows:

· Challenge: This can be in the form of a question, a thought provoking story, an example, a set of facts or statistics, a shared experience, a metaphor, etc. Give enough background to launch a healthy and meaningful discussion.
· Discussion: Allow the participants to respond and discuss. Draw on various discussion strategies.
· Focus and Narrow: Move the group to the heart of the topic.
· Exemplify: Clarify with examples, added information, an exercise or activity
· Synthesize and Clarify: Highlight responses that are the most relevant
· Practice or reinforcement
· Check for Understanding
· Close: Clarify key points. It is important to have the participants articulate what they are learning.
· Transition: Bridge to the next activity or content segment of the agenda. It is important that the participants understand where they have been, where they are going, and why it makes sense to go in that direction.

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