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Facilitator’s Code

As you build a learning event or a meeting, make sure that it meets “facilitators’ code.” In other words, “How well does your intended approach match with adult learning theory?” As you build your training, assess your approach against the questions that follow:

1. Are you allowing your participants to be active learners? This means that you provide the raw material for them to build learning constructs, to solve problems, and to discover and explore new learning.
2. Do you articulate a clear purpose for learning—both the overall goals as well as individual activity objectives?
3. Do your lessons and activities connect with the groups experience and shared responsibilities? Can you articulate this?
4. Have you included a vehicle for participants to express their concerns?
5. Have you allowed for different learning styles?
6. Do you draw upon the expertise of the group?
7. Have you clarified how the learning will help the participants in their jobs?
8. Does your material challenge their thinking and encourage them to envision new ways of seeing things?
9. Have you built in time for reflection and self-assessment?
10. Have you allowed adequate time for participants to share their learning with each other?
11. Are you sure that you and the participants share a common language that defines and delineates the topic at hand?
12. Do you use strategies to include all participants in the learning?

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