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Training Resources

1) Free Management Library - The library provides easy-to-access, clutter-free, comprehensive leadership and management resources. Over 650 topics spanning 5,000 links. Topics include the most important practices to start, develop, operate, evaluate and resolve problems.

2) Changing Minds - Over 3,000 pages including: how to delegate, motivate, persuade, make decisions, become more assertive, manage a classroom and win at interviews. Plus, scores of team building exercises and games, quizzes, dinner party games and brainstorming.

3) Reviewing - 100+ ways to review, experience and transfer learning – actively, creatively and effectively. A useful resource for teachers and trainers. Downloads include a basic toolkit for reviewing.

4) Business Training Works - Free training resources on etiquette, communication, writing. Icebreakers, introductions and hellos for teachers, trainers and facilitators have been designed add excitement and variety to training. Both new icebreakers and variations on timeless classics are included.

5) Trainer Bubble - A virtual treasure-chest of training materials, management documents, models and tools for all your business development needs. Some great icebreakers, energisers, training games, team building and PowerPoint games, quotes, puzzles and quizzes.

6) The Development Company - A range of free training resources including business training tips, training resources and free management training resources. Includes: Train the trainer: The eight stage easy guide to designing a training session; recruitment and selection; behavioural interviewing; the one minute guide to what behavioural interviewing is; and how to design behavioural questions. you will also find: interviewer’s tips on preparing for a recruitment and selection interview; a staged process for best practice interviewing for selection; management development: 12 tips for becoming a successful manager.

7) Coach and Courses - If you want an alternative use for a gabion basket, or to find out what an osintot is, or to link to a resource that is helping people to define and improve processes, visit this site. It is packed with useful training exercises, brainteaser tests and coaching models. There’s also an ebook that contains all you need to set up and run a SWOT analysis.

8) Skills Converged - Using the training resources on offer, you are given the opportunity to design your own course based on your clients’ needs and focus on delivering an effective and valuable training session. A huge collection of free team building exercises, energisers, icebreakers and communication exercises are on offer, which can be used in different soft skills training courses.

9) ELeap Learning Management Systems - Easy to use free training and elearning resources. Build your own elearning and business training knowledge and library. Downloads include: how to stretch your training budget; how to stay competitive; how to create and track online training using training software; what does it take to retain employees?

10) Skills Development Scotland - This site offers a variety of resources to help your company set up, implement and sustain its training plan. You can access free resources by clicking the links on the right hand side. Resources cover topics including management; performance and personal development; training coaching and mentoring; finance; legislation; recruitment and employment. Each package contains fact sheets, workbooks and concise briefing notes relevant to the chosen topic. You can download as many resources as you want, all for free.

11) Big Dog & Little Dog Performance - One of the best sites on the web for finding out anything about leadership, management and learning.

12) Business Balls - Free career help, business training, organizational development – inspirational, innovative ideas, materials, exercises, tools, templates – free and fun.

13) Effective Leadership Development Community - An online knowledge portal for HR and L&D staff charged with developing leadership within their organisation.

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