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What We Do

Forward-thinking corporations understand that their human capital is their most valuable asset, and their competitive edge. That’s why each and every Training EDGE workshop, retreat and seminar is more than a series of hands-on exercises designed to stimulate participants – it is a process. Through the use of art-based activities, our programs result in a more creative, innovative and productive workforce.

What do we do? We help change the way people think and how they approach obstacles and problems.

Training EDGE builds on the proven theory that experience gained in one area can be applied to another. Our custom-designed workshops address the specific needs of your organization, and are led by our team of Certified Trainers – who help you find inventive solutions in extraordinary ways. All of our sessions are deconstructed so that participants fully understand how every new skill and ability is relevant to their workplace and job tasks.

In fact, we’re proud to have delivered results-oriented training to governmental departments as well as some of Canada’s foremost companies. Take a peek at our impressive client roster. Or, see what has been written about us by the media.

How You Benefit

More so than any other time in history, today there is increased pressure on companies and organizations to create new products, streamline production processes and develop innovative new strategies. Within companies, management and employees are expected to tap into “big picture thinking” and work together as a cohesive team.

Training EDGE workshops and programs help foster:

  • Trust among team members
  • The ability to combine thoughts and ideas in new ways
  • Improved communications
  • Empathetic listening skills
  • Heightened powers of observation
  • Strengthened bonds within teams

See how you can benefit from Training EDGE workshops and training.